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10 most common agribusiness insurance claims To help educate us about costly trends, Nationwide has released its 2017 most common commercial agribusiness claims. By Jayleen R. Heft | May 21, 2018 at 12:00 AM Farms of all sizes have unique property & casualty insurance needs. READ MORE >>

Why do injured workers turn to attorneys in workers’ compensation cases? There are four system failures that lead to litigation. By Joe Rubinsztain | June 28, 2018 at 08:00 AM Workers’ compensation is a complicated and litigious market. READ MORE >>

An act of God is a term used on many auto insurance policies. It defines instances causing an accident or damage beyond what man can create. That is, it applies to instances in which a person did not cause the damage your vehicle suffers. Not all types of car insurance cover this type of incident. READ MORE >>

The next frontier in employee wellness: disease management By Stephanie Ward Published June 04 2018, 11:47am EDT There’s no question it’s in everyone’s best interest to have healthy, engaged employees. Employees who avoid illness see lower healthcare costs, while employers see lower absenteeism rates. READ MORE >>

Read The Fine Print Before Picking An Association Plan For Your Small Business June 27, 201810:00 AM ET MICHELLE ANDREWS If you own a restaurant, plumbing company or other small business, you may be intrigued by the expected expansion of association health plans under a new rule that got a stamp of approval from the Trump administration last week. READ MORE >>

Thunderstorms cause significant damage to homes each year. The damage ranges from missing roof shingles to trees falling on the structure. Your home insurance may cover some or all of the thunderstorm damage. However, you can minimize some risks on your own. Taking steps to minimize risks helps keep your home insurance costs down. READ MORE >>

6 Signs of a False Workers Comp Claim Sponsored by AmTrust Did you know one in 10 small businesses is worried that an employee on its team will fake an injury and commit workers compensation fraud? In a recent article for Property Casualty 360˚, AmTrust’s resident workers comp expert outlined six signs of a false workers comp claim. READ MORE >>

All builder's risk insurance policies are not created equal Most construction contracts require project leaders to obtain builder’s risk insurance. By Joshua Lorenz and Craig Ream | June 15, 2018 at 06:00 AM READ MORE >>

Why and how to leverage a social mission for your business Infusing an emphasis on making a difference into the fabric of an organization can deepen connections with clients and inspire employees. By Gary Zyla | April 06, 2018 at 09:30 AM Many industries benefit society beyond the dollars and cents they generate. READ MORE >>

As a professional financial planner, you have an obligation to provide your clients with accurate information. You may own an office. You may make visits to client’s homes. These are all factors contributing to your need for business insurance. Having proper insurance coverage is essential. READ MORE >>

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